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RAYBURN Stovenrayburn logorayburn stoof

rayburn groenrayburn 2rayburn geelhttp://cityexile.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/warm_rayburn.jpgrayburn 400K

Rayburn petrol: geblazen brander ECOFLAM Rayburn 400K/PF

rayburn 400Krayburnrayburn
Introduced during 1996, the 400K is primarily intended for homes that already have a conventional boiler serving the central heating system, yet where a rapid response, range cooker was required. As with the other cookers in the 400 series, it features two cast iron ovens and a single, graduated hot-plate, incorporating its own integral plinth to raise the hotplate to the standard worktop height of 910mm. Doors were of the 'slam-catch' type
It is fitted with a single, pressure jet Ecoflam burner for use with kerosene, available for connection to a 125mm (5") diameter conventional flue/chimney only.
The PF model offers the feature of a power flue system.
Since it is designed to be used as an On/Off, intermittent cooker, an integral time-clock is fitted, which allows the cooker to be automatically controlled for a 'single event' or 'period'  An external programmer is available as an optional extra, which if fitted, allows for independent daily/weekly programming.
Some minor internal changes took place in 1998, when a flue thermostat was added and the insulating covers re-styled.
During 2002 a power flue model (400K PF) was introduced.

The Cooker 400K/KPF features an integral automatic timer and has the added benefit of an optional external programmer.
The 400 KPF's cast-iron lower oven operates at half the temperature of the main oven.
The power-flue makes if possible to site the cooker virtually anywhere in a kitchen. If you wish to use a conventional flue, then the 400K is the cooker for you.
The 400K and 400KPF run on commercial kerosene.

Product Specification

Product Variation Name





Commercial kerosene to BS2869, Class 2


Thermostatic / Integrated oven timer. (Optional wall programmer)

Initial Flue Pipe (minimum internal diameter)

Conventional 127mm (5”)

Ventilation (minimum air vent for room)


Electrical Supply

23V - 50Hz 3A fused

Lower Oven

Cast iron cooking oven



Opgelet : speciale sproeiers voor kerosene

Installation Manual

Service manual

User manual


GD 80 en 360G


Rayburn petrol met wieken: BM 30B Oil Control Valve

http://www.indcourt.com/bm_mana.jpgrayburn geel

Rayburn gasstoof: Honeywell gasregelcombinatie

honeywell V4600Drayburn groenrayburn

onderdelenwisselstukken 2

wisselstukken 3wisselstukken 4

wisselstukken overzicht 1


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